Career Coaching


Job Exploration

Assisting athletes to develop winning skills for now and the future.

As an elite athlete, for as long as you can remember, your sport has been your life. Each decision in your life has been made with your athletic career in mind. Your dedication to your sport has paid off with a professional career and experiences that few people ever have the opportunity to experience. Whether you are just beginning your athletic career, approaching the end, or anywhere in between, you may be wondering about your post-athletic life. How do you create a fulfilling and meaningful existence outside of sports? What will life look like?

Elites Optimization Services (EOS) provides holistic career development experiences focused on helping you to achieve the next steps in your career. We provide coaching, mentoring, and job exploration services for elite athletes to optimize current athletic performance and to start laying the foundation for post-athletic life, transitioning out of sports and into other careers. EOS works with you to recognize your skills, hone your expertise, and connect the passion you have for your sport with a career that will offer you fulfillment and long term success.