The EOS team understands how much dedication and hard work it takes to be a world-class athlete. These are just a few of the qualities which make athletes some of the best professionals.

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Bill Shelton

Bill Shelton

Bill Shelton

CEO and Chief Mentor

Bill Shelton’s lifelong goal is to build businesses to help people thrive in their lives.

He is currently the CEO and Chief Mentor at Elites Optimization Services whose mission is to improve the lives of athletes: their sports performance, their financial independence, and their overall health. EOS will accomplish this mission by creating communities centered around all the major sporting associations in the United States and by connecting the athletes more closely with their fans who compete at the recreational, high school and youth levels. He is also the personal mentor for several Olympians and world-class track athletes including Michelle Carter, Justin Gatlin, and Shannon Rowbury.

Prior to EOS, he served as Managing Director in equity derivatives at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. While on Wall Street, Bill recognized the need for regular “main street” investors to gain access to the sophisticated financial products that were available to institutional investors and grew the business at Goldman Sachs to over $100mil revenue per annum by providing products for retail investors. During his tenure at both Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, Bill also invested his time to cultivating women leaders from his network and developed the Women’s Video Conference Series for a group of talented female colleagues. The program was an overwhelming success featuring C-suite executives and board members at companies like Home Depot, Church’s Chicken, and the LA Times.

Bill’s passion to help people through the formation of innovative businesses started 25 years ago while in business school. At that time, he developed educational math software that used role models to teach math lessons. This business plan came in second place in the annual Colgate Darden business school plan competition and became Bingwa Software. Bingwa’s most successful product was the Mathematical Heritage Series that was used in over sixty school systems nationwide. Church’s Chicken purchased and donated a special edition of the Mathematical Heritage Series to an additional 700 schools across the country for Black History Month. During his tenure as CEO of Bingwa, Bill was recognized as one of “America’s Top 50 Blacks in Technology” and as a finalist for Black Enterprise’s Inaugural Business Innovator of the Year Award.

Today, Bill spends a significant amount of his time in community service as board member and board president for the Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection (LDICP). LDICP was established to respond to the need for clearer, better researched, and more easily implementable laws in the area of child protection. Its first project was to research and draft a comprehensive list of policies to better protect youth sports participants from child sex predators in track and field. Bill is also a former board member of USA Track and Field where he served on the investment committee and as the chair of the business development committee. Bill tries to balance his life through his community service activities and pushing himself physically.

He enjoys lifting weights and still competes as a Masters track athlete in the 200m and the 400m. Bill is a former M50 Masters American Record holder in the 4×400 and former winner at Penn Relays (2015) and Millrose Games (2015) in the 4×400 M50 Masters division.

Track provided the start to Bill’s college education where he was a full-scholarship recipient at Texas A&M University and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Petroleum Engineering. His educational background also includes a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. At the University of Virginia, he was awarded the C. Stewart Sheppard Leadership Award for his exceptional leadership in addressing racism at the University of Virginia which is another illustration on how Bill combines giving back to the community while in business or in school.

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