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Paul Presley

Paul Presley

Technology Captain

Paul Presley serves as Technology Captain for Elite Optimization Services. A technology thought leader with over twenty years of experience, Paul is CTO of a multi-billion dollar financial services company and responsible for creation and delivery of the next generation technology platforms. Paul is passionate about building high-performance teams, delivering client-centric application suites and aligning technology strategy to business value.

Paul’s prior assignments include Head of Engineering and Development for Bridgewater Associates, Technology Strategist for Goldman Sachs, CTO for multiple software firms, and Chief Technology Architect for VeriSign. Paul also founded and served as President of two IT consulting firms: G2XL and Ironsite Security, Inc.

Paul holds a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Alabama. He serves on the technical advisory board for select startups and remains active in the emerging technology community.