The Playbook

Everything that we do starts with coaching. We equip athletes with the resources that they need to grow by helping them access a rich ecosystem of partners who come together to become a force multiplier for our goal.

Our ecosystem is made up of elite athletes, mentors, corporations, and national governing organizations within sports. Our fundamental building blocks are coaching and technology, and we use these two elements to build connections within our ecosystem in a scalable way to try to improve the futures of athletes professionally, personally, and financially.

Our coaching is presented in a variety of ways including virtually through one-on-one work with career coaches and mentors, through customized online educational modules, and through real-time webinars on topics specifically tailored to the lifestyles of professional athletes.


USATF is the largest of the United States Olympic Committee’s national governing organizations with over 100 athletes participating in the Olympics.

EOS provides career coaching, mentorships, and job exploration for selected professional track athletes through the USATF’s Elite Mentorship Program. Our coaching program has been specifically designed for professional athletes who are actively competing, which means that accessibility and convenience are always top values for us. Our sessions and assignments are conducted virtually through the use of video conferencing and they’re scheduled around the athletes’ schedules, even while they are competing overseas.

The two-year program has two separate tracks: 1. Classic Career Coaching and 2. Executive Coaching, which is for athletes who have full-time jobs and/or have identified specific paths that they intend to pursue after they complete their career.

In Classic Career Coaching, the goal is to help athletes identify specific industries or job opportunities that they are most interested in. From there, we work with them to construct a plan that allows them to explore those industries and eventually to gain experience through internships, externships, or part-time opportunities. Athletes aim to complete ten sessions in the first year with a dedicated career coach. The first four sessions focus on self-exploration and ideation through the use of skills and value tests, interest surveys, and conversations on strengths and skills with the goal of athletes identifying careers that are at the intersection of things they enjoy, are good at, and are meaningful.

In later sessions, we match each athlete with a dedicated mentor who works with the career coach to map out and execute a personalized “plan for success,” which includes networking, interview preparation, constructing an “elevator pitch,” and conducting mock interviews. Our mentors are world-class – just like our athletes, and they open up their networks to increase opportunities for their respective athlete mentees.


The NFL is the world’s largest sports organization. Most recently, they launched their Coaching Development Fellowship for former NFL players who are interested in becoming youth and high school football coaches. As some of the best ambassadors of the game, former players often return to their communities to coach the next generation of football players. EOS worked with the NFL to develop customized online modules on leadership, proper nutrition and hydration, and other coaching-related topics to ensure that athletes have the knowledge, insight, and resources they need to not only further their own professional careers, but to also spread this insight throughout their communities. Through an online dashboard, the league is able to monitor real-time progress of Fellowship recipients, view assessment scores, and offer a centralized place for communication and resources.


RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality) was started by Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, and is a national non-profit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, to champion social justice, and to improve race relations.

The RISE board includes the commissioners of all the major sports organizations including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. EOS is RISE’s primary technology partner and works with RISE to build, digitize, and deliver online content to increase RISE’s reach across all of its communities.

For the Athlete Empowerment Community (a space specifically meant for professional athletes), EOS and RISE launched a webinar series to help athletes become better advocates for their most important causes. Topics included:

  1. Effective Communication – how to be better at public speaking when speaking about causes that are important to them.
  2. Choosing Investments – how athletes can think through donating their time, money, or both.
  3. Measuring Impact – ways to measure an investment, whether it is fundraising or volunteering time with an organization.
Kara Winger

The opportunity to focus on a future beyond javelin with the aid of such professionals has been so fulfilling, and it has only just begun! This mentorship process has been challenging and exciting so far, which is exactly what I wanted for my life after track and field. It’s incredibly reassuring to have guidance in finding a new career.

Kara Winger, Javelin Thrower, 8-time USATF National Champion, 3-time Olympian
Diahann Billings-Burford

EOS is not just a vendor, but a strategic partner. Together, EOS and RISE have been able to enhance our programs and products. Their passion and expertise in this sector are rare and critical to our success.

Diahann Billings-Burford, CEO of the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality
Max Seigel

EOS provides an invaluable service for our professional athletes. I firmly believe that their products will result in a smoother transition into meaningful careers for our athletes once they finish competing.

Max Siegel, CEO of USA Track and Field
Shannon Rowbury

Just as athletes rely on their coaches to prepare them for peak performance, EOS steps in to ensure that their athletes receive the guidance and career support necessary to continue to excel when it’s time to step off of the field.

Shannon Rowbury, Middle-Distance Runner, 2-time USATF National Champion, 3-time Olympian
Jeff Porter

The EOS executive education has given me the opportunity to learn more about business and corporate America in a way that is natural for my competitive personality as an athlete. Their “out of the box” methodology, combined with their structure, has been an ideal experience for me at this stage in my career.

Jeff Porter, 110m High Hurdler, USATF Board Member, 2-time Olympian
Ben Blankenship

EOS provided me with the flexibility, structure, and expertise needed to help me focus on training and competing, while also keeping me abreast of future career opportunities.

Ben Blankenship, 1500m Runner, USATF National Champion, Olympian